Monday, July 18, 2011

Grind the Provinces Tour // August 18th - September 4th 2011

The GRIND THE PROVINCES tour kicks off one month from today. We will be updating this site with gig posters, info on venues, line-ups for gigs, and other news for this tour.

For all those unaware - 3 bands - ISKRA, SIX BREW BANTHA & NO EULOGY - will be piling into two vans to come and destroy towns between Victoria BC and Winnipeg, MB. This includes two ripping festivals: SHRED THE LOOPS FEST in the area of Kamloops, BC and FOUL COPSE FEST, an outdoor fest one hour outside of Winnipeg. More details on these to come. Will say though that there will be punk as fuck, and brutal as fuck bands at both fests, so make your travel plans now!

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